How Does Poor Page Speeds Affect My SEO?

How Does Poor Page Speeds Affect My SEO?

Have you ever come across a page that takes forever to load? What do you do when a site is struggling to load? You leave, right? If your site is loading slowly, then there is a good chance your potential students are leaving as well. The experts at Jiu Jitsu Advertising make sure we speed up our clients’ sites to pass the speed test and create the best user experience. Here is why it’s important to SEO.

What Are Page Speeds? 

If you are unfamiliar with the term, page speed refers to the rate at which your webpage loads. Page speeds affect more than just the loading time on your website. It affects the user experience and how your services and products are viewed. If your page speed is even a tad bit slow, your rankings can start plummeting, and you may experience less traffic.

Effects Of Page Speeds On Your Website

Not only will slow page speeds affect your traffic, but it affects the amount of time people spend on your website. If your website is taking too long to load in a browser, the user is inclined to leave. When your page speed is optimal and efficient, it adds a sense of validity to your site. Your products and services may even appear to be more legitimate than those on a slow-loading website.

How To Increase Your Page Speed

Not sure why your page’s loading time is so slow. Well, if you are in search of how to increase your page speed, consider doing the following. 

  • Consider compressing your image sizes – large images or videos cause slower page speeds as it takes more time for the content to fully load. 
  • Cleaning up your website’s code – get rid of any unnecessary spacing, lines, or comments in your code. 
  • Check your content – check the amount on each page as well as any links in the article to see if they are loading at optimal levels.
  • Eliminate unnecessary plugins – certain plugins slow down your site, so if you aren’t using them, get rid of them.

These are just a few things we do to help speed up a site. But there are other things we do as well. 

How Does Increasing Page Speed Help Instructors? 

When your page speed is fast and efficient, the user experience is overall better. Not only will your SEO rank rise but your website visitors will have a better user experience. Jiu-Jitsu instructors already have enough on their plates to teach and study themselves. 

When a website has increased page speed, the products and services offered on the website gain more validity, and your website becomes more trustworthy for sensitive information as well as general information. This benefits the instructors by driving more traffic to their site resulting in more leads. 

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