4 Ways You Can Speed Up Your Jiu-Jitsu Site

4 Ways You Can Speed Up Your Jiu Jitsu Site

If you manage a Jiu-Jitsu school, then your life is busy keeping track of all the details that help your school run smoothly. Keeping up with your website can feel challenging if you’re not receiving students or it’s hard for others to find your information online. Speeding up your website can increase your online traffic and help students locate you online. Here are 4 ways you can speed up your Jiu-Jitsu site. 

1. Keep It Clean

A concise website can help it run faster and allow more people to find you online. Too many aesthetic details are overwhelming for visitors and they can slow down your website. A fast-running website is more important to your clients because they are looking for valuable information rather than aesthetics. 

It’s important to add relatable images and a professional look to your website. If you have additional ad space on your website, schedule a regular time to check their speed because they can also slow down your site. 

2. Include Images

Including and optimizing your website images are essential for optimal website speed. When you’re using images on any page, make sure they are in the right size and format. Large images can take too long to load, so it’s helpful to crop them and adjust them to the right color. You can compress your images with a little help from online tools that help you optimize your images. 

3. Optimize Your Coding

Are you familiar with website coding? If not, don’t worry because many people don’t fully understand how to manage website coding. However, optimizing your coding is key to a faster working website. Compact code for your website will ensure it runs at high speed for you and your clients. 

A few ways to optimize your code include checking for unnecessary indentations or breaks in your coding. The smallest space can affect your website’s health. 

4. Invest In A Quality DNS System

Every website has a domain name service (DNS) that acts like a phone book for your site. When you or someone else types in your web address, DNS translates the address into an IP address and stores it into an online cache. However, depending on where your DNS server is located, it can take a while for translations to occur and for your website to load quickly. 

A faster DNS provider can help increase your website speed. While there is no magic solution for faster DNS speed, there are things you can do to increase the speed. You choose a faster DNS provider that will help increase results and provide better security for your website. Contacting your hosting provider can help guide you through the process. 

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