How Site Speeds Affect Your SEO

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Site speed, the amount of time that it takes for your website to load its content. But can it affect your search engines optimization? The answer is yes; the measurement has always been a huge factor in determining how your page ranks in search engines. This makes understanding why most websites are trying to deliver faster user experiences to their audience. We want to touch on a few of the reasons that your site speed can affect your SEO. 

Better Crawling

Web crawling is the way that search engines index all websites to find the related information specific keywords. As you can imagine, the crawl bot looking for these keywords prefers faster and more responsive web pages. Making sure the site structure, sitemap, post, and redirects are all in order can make an impact on your indexing. 

If you do not have time, know-how, or experience to optimize your website, you can reach out to our team. We would love to discuss the website with you and help you with the quality.

Great First Impression

When visitors click on your website, they expect it to load right away; they do not want to wait. Since there can be other websites and other jiu-jitsu studios in the area that can give visitors the same information as you can, they may end up leaving your site and looking at another website if it does not load fast enough. Believe it or not, it only takes a second for visitors to see if they want to stay on your site to look elsewhere.

One way you can measure your site speed is by using Google Page Insights. It will inform you of the average time needed to receive the first byte of information from your website. This tool can also give you some valuable tips on where and which aspect you can optimize.

Higher Rankings

Every business wants a higher ranking when it comes to Google, and it has always included your site speed into its ranking algorithm. Why would a page rank first if the readers have to wait for ages for the page to open? It won’t be that page will be further down the rankings. 

Google wants visitors to enjoy the best searching experience, so by making your website responsive, you make readers happy and make the search engine delighted.

Happier Customers

Customers can get stressed out if a website is loading slowly or featuring delays. They want to see your information, your classes, your schedule all quickly, and if your site does not allow that, then what? Do you want to lose them as a customer? The answer is most likely no! So it is imperative to ensure your website is operating at fast speeds when customers are interacting with your site. Customer satisfaction is also impacted by how your site can handle its demands. When you make them happy, it is just a matter of time before they are back on your site wanting more information.

Accelerate Your Website 

Having a speedy website is very important to your SEO; no matter how related your keywords are, visitors will not like your site if it is slow to load or even worse if they can not even open the page. 

This shows us that site speed and SEO can go hand in hand. Looking at all the ways site speed affects your SEO, there is no reason you should allow your site to be slow. If you are ready to accelerate your website and rank first on search engines, contact us today.

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