The Google Helpful Content Update And What You Need to Know About It

The Google Helpful Content Update And What You Need to Know About It

Staying up-to-date on all the new updates can be daunting at times. With the new Google helpful content update, you may find yourself in some serious need of updated content. You may even be experiencing a loss in your traffic rates. No need to stress, Jiu-Jitsu Advertising takes the stress off of you and your instructors by handling all things website. 

What Is The Google Helpful Content Update? 

The Google helpful content update is a new algorithm that was released that is geared towards the people. Rather than searches populating based on keywords or phrases, content is now being analyzed based on its usefulness. By putting the people first, the content on each page is now being analyzed by Google. This is to ensure the content is original and helpful to the visitors, which will boost your SEO rankings.

What You Need To Know About The Update

Your page may be flagged for unhelpful content and may require that you update one or more of your posts. If several posts are deemed not useful, this could affect the traffic to your entire site. This causes your SEO search ranking to drop and a potential loss in leads and clients being driven to you. If you ignore this update and don’t update your content accordingly, then your website will experience a plummet in visitors. 

In order to get back in good standing with Google, your content will need to include more facts and answers. Google is striving to have its search results provide answers to its users. This means no more fluff content and no more speaking on things outside of your niche. Google will analyze all your content, fact checking it, and make sure it is useful. 

Benefits Of The Update 

Updating your content will provide your users with new information, and more useful content is always a good idea. It will provide your website users with a better experience as they are researching for information when you update your content based on the new algorithm, your content will be deemed helpful. This boosts your SEO rankings and your traffic rate as well. People are always on the hunt for straightforward answers, and with this update, websites that provide this will be boosted. 

How The Update Can Help The Instructors 

Instructors have enough on their hands to maintain their busy class schedule and interact with the families of their students. Not to mention finding time to train themselves. When you work with Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, we help the instructors maintain their core focus on their students. Leave the maintenance of your website in the hands of professionals so you can focus on what you do best. 

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