Google My Business Releases Latest Updates For 2022

google my business updates

Recent changes to Google My Business make it easier for potential customers to see what it is your business offers. For Jiu-Jitsu schools, this is a great way to easily display the information you want your customers to see. In today’s article, we will be going over some of the changes to Google My Business and how they will impact your website. 

GMB Is No Longer GMB

First and foremost, Google My Business is no longer Google My Business. It is now known as Google Business Profile. While GMB eas a great tool for business owners and website managers, Google Business Profile offers new features that make it easier to update and monitor your profile. 

Fortunately for you, not much has changed. It’s actually easier for you to edit your business’s Google Business Profile. Google now recommends that you edit and manage your profile directly on Search or Maps, rather than a separate app. Google is also retiring the Google My Business app to incentivize editing your profile on Search and Maps.

The Benefits of Google Business Profile

It’s important to understand the benefits of your Google Business Profile. Knowing these benefits helps you better understand why you need to constantly update your profile. Doing things such as updating your hours, location, photos, website, and services will help you unlock the following benefits:

  • Your website will gain more traction
  • Your business will receive more visitors
  • More Google users will call your business
  • You will receive more messages

Perhaps the best part of the Google Business Profile, is that it can be easily managed. You can get the benefits mentioned above by simply updating your profile regularly. 

Easily Update Your Hours

One of the more significant new features is the ability to easily update your hours. With Google My Business, it was difficult to differentiate your regular hours from your holiday hours. This would make it difficult for potential customers to know what your hours are during the holidays. 

The new updates to the Google Business Profile make it simple to update your hours, letting your customers know when you’re open during holidays. This is even more important because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Business hours have changed due to the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, updating those hours can help customers find your business. 

Easily Promote Your Website

New updated also make it easy to promote your business to a broader audience. By clicking on the “promote” tab, you will see options that help you promote your business. These options include getting more reviews, keeping customers up to date, and creating ads. This feature also makes it easier for you to see insights regarding your website. 

By clicking on the “performance” tab, you can get insights as to how your Google Business Profile is doing. You can see where it ranks with searchers, how many calls you received, the number of messages, bookings, directions, and website clicks. You can also check on your Google Ad campaigns. 

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