What Are Area Served Pages and Why Do I Need It?

What Are Area Served Pages and Why Do I Need It?

Do you need help figuring out where to start or what your content should be? Jiu-Jitsu Advertising can help! Our team specializes in helping local Jiu-Jitsu owners just like you! Many owners don’t know the first thing about what makes a website successful. It goes far beyond just looks. Here we will learn about the purpose of area served pages and why you need them on your site! 

What Are Area Served Pages?

If you are unfamiliar with what an area served page is, it’s a page made up of unique content about a particular city your business serves. It’s also referred to as an “Areas Served” page. It does serve as an alternative landing page for your website, where your products/services are displayed. And they help to raise your rankings organically. 

Benefits of Areas Served Pages 

The purpose of an area served page is to let those around your area know that you exist. It’s to help promote the location of your business to let local customers find you easily. It’s very beneficial to have unique content for each area served page to grow your authority with your targeted audience. They also are helpful in that it drives qualified leads straight to your door. 

What Is The Purpose Of An Area Served Page?

The primary purpose of an area served page is to let potential customers around your location know where you are! It informs them of all your sites served and which is the closest to them. This is to promote in-person visits and eventual purchasing of your product or service. With unique content for each location, your targeted audience will know exactly what you offer and your business. In short, it lets the search engines know where you are located.  

Why You Need An Area Served Page On Your Site

  • It is fundamental to have an areas served page on your website. 
  • It lets your customers know where each business location is and which they are closest to. 
  • It also allows them know you know the values and mission of each location. 
  • It motivates customers to visit in person and take the following steps on the purchasing path. 

Without an area service page, you could miss out on potential local customers. Most of the time, people search for their service or product and add “near me” at the end. By having your location listed on an area served page, your content could be ranked at the top for this individual search. Leading qualified leads straight to your door! 

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