3 Reasons Why Content Is Important To Your JIu-Jitsu Advertising Website

why content Is important to your website

You hear others harping on content on your website, content in your blogs, content on social media, everyone wants to talk about content, and you are not sure what the big deal is when it comes to your jiu-jitsu website. Creating good content is extremely important to the success of your gym, and we will discuss the reasons why in this article. Should you think of any questions about the content of your website, please reach out to us.

Why Creating Content is Important

Well-written content can help build your website and help you gain visitors and, in turn, boost your sales. This is something every jiu-jitsu gym wants, more students, packed classes, and growth. 

1. Great Content Improves Brand Image

You want the name of your gym out there; you wish for someone to mention jiu-jitsu and someone else to be able to say go here! Great content on your website helps create that. When you have blogs and website material on your site that makes you look like a jiu-jitsu expert, it will draw in more students, and it will help build your brand. Your first impression to new students is typically your website, and you want to make a good impression on potential students with blogs that reflect what your brand is and what your gym stands for.

2. Increase Trust

In a survey given by Dragoon Search marketing, it was established that 61% of consumers said they feel better about a company that delivers quality content on their website consistently. This is a considerable percentage. You want to build trust in those students who are thinking of using your gym, and you want to keep the trust of your current students using your gym. Building trust with current students, future students, and even former students can ultimately lead to more loyalty in the long run for your gym and your name. Higher trust could mean more students headed your way as your students trust you enough to tell their friends and family to use you also. Trust and quality content equal growth.

3. Influence Buying Decisions

If you are one of the business owners who think that advertisements hole more value than website content when it comes to consumers and being influenced, you are wrong. It has been stated that 7 out of 10 customers prefer to learn about a company, including your gym, by reading articles and blogs instead of listening to advertisements. This shows us that content, whether a tiny snippet or a blog on a website, is the preferred way for customers to learn about your products, classes, gym, and teachers. This is why you should have good quality content that is up to date.

What is Good Content?

Now that you know the importance of good content when growing your business and gaining trust with students, you may wonder what qualifies for good content. 

One way to make sure you have creative and quality content is to make sure you know the audience you are writing for. It would help if you focused your class schedules and blog topics on what your potential students want to read. Another great tool to remember is to make it easy to understand. Put yourself in the shoes of likely students; what questions would you have, why should they pick your gym, what classes and age ranges do you offer.

Need Help With Good Content

We want your jiu-jitsu gym to grow and prosper, and we want to help you do that. If you have any questions or concerns over your website content, blogs, or even SEO and advertising needs, we are here to help you. Contact our office today, and one of our staff members would love to go over everything with you. 

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