What Should You Post On Your Google My Business Listing?

What Should You Post On Your Google My Business Listing?

Have you ever posted anything on your Google My Business listing? It’s similar to posting an update on Facebook or any other social media platform. If you do, GMB will email you at the end of seven days to let you know how your post performed. That tells us that GMB cares that you post every week and engage with your potential students that way. 

If you want to post on your listing every week to keep up engagement and help the listing show up higher in maps and on search results, here are things you can post. 

1. A Page From Your Website

Since Google My Business posts are considered backlinks, it’s important to post links back to each page on your website. You can simply grab the first paragraph of the page for the post, upload the image you used from that page, and then link it to the button that says “learn more”. 

If you are linking to a contact page, you can use the “call now” button and it will automatically link to the phone number on your listing. There are other options such as book, order online, buy, and signup. Chose the option that makes the most sense for what you are trying to link to.

2. Blog Posts

Just like the pages on your website, you want to have backlinks to all blogs you have published on the site. Grab the first paragraph or write a brief intro to the article and share it. If you don’t have many blogs or pages on your site, you can grab different sections of the page content for the post and then link to the page again. Or you can choose one of the other call-to-action buttons and direct your potential students to sign up for your free trial or call you. 

3. Class Pictures 

If you have marketing waivers that your students have signed, you can post pictures of them on your listing. On the post, you can upload the image of your class, write a little blurb about the picture and then make the call to action button to sign up or call. 

Also, make sure that you add any class pictures to your gallery as well. Images can be used in both of these locations on your listing to help with SEO. 

4. Your Schedule

Especially if you have a class schedule that changes every week or month, you can post your recent class schedule. Make sure there is a page on your website that has the current class schedule that you can link back to. It can be hard to read a schedule on a Google My Business post. 

5. Special Offers Or Sales

When you offer a special sale or trial class, you can promote those sales on your listing. Create a graphic to grab someone’s attention, write a blurb about the offer, and then link back to a page on the site for someone to go get more information. 

6. Instructor’s Bios

People want to know who the instructors are that teach jiu-jitsu at your school. If you have new instructors, you can use this platform to introduce them. Also, you can showcase your existing instructors and their achievements. 

These are some of the things you can post on your listing every week to help you stay engaged and send signals to GMB that your school is active. It’s ok if you repost the same pages or same type of content, but make sure you spread them out. We don’t recommend you repost the same type of information more than every 8-10 weeks. 

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