What Is SEO For Google My Business?

SEO and Google My Business

Have you set up your free Google My Business listing? This listing is also referred to as GMB (Google My Business). If you haven’t set this up already, Google may have done this for you automatically. If your jiu-jitsu school has been around for a while, Google may have set up the listing, and you need to go in and claim it. Here at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, we believe that GMB SEO can bring you more students. The schools and gyms that have used our monthly services have seen an increase in calls and clicks to their website from our efforts. 

Here are the main things that are important for SEO on your listing:

Fill Out Your Listing Completely

Over the last two years, Google has done nothing but add to the features on your listing. You can share all kinds of information with potential students with that listing alone. 

Here are a few things you can update on your listing: 

  • Location
  • Hours
  • Services
  • Areas served
  • Products
  • Appointment links
  • Accessibility
  • Health & Safety 

These are some sections on your listing where you can add pertinent information about your business and how you operate. It’s also vital that you write a description of your business that highlights some of your services. You want to make sure keywords for your classes are listed there. 

Add Pictures To The Gallery

As long as you have a photo release for your students, you can take pictures with your phone and upload them to your listing. It’s important to keep the location stamp on your phone when taking photos because it adds a code to that image that Google recognizes. The chances are, you already have this feature turned on.

Adding images to your listing will give potential students something to look at. Pictures usually do well on GMB and generate a lot of views. 

Publish New Posts

GMB has a posts feature that is important for businesses. A posts feature allows you to publish your latest class updates. Think of these posts like they are social media posts. You can add a description, link to your website, and image. 

Reply To All Reviews

Whether you get a good review or a bad review, you need to reply to them all. Any time you can interact with your listing, the better it is for SEO. If someone leaves a negative review, a simple reply that asks them to call the school or gym is all you need to do. Don’t address issues online since potential students can see this.

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