What Do You Do Each Month To Help The SEO On My Website?

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If you have ever reached out to an SEO company to ask them what they do for their monthly SEO plan, you’ve probably heard that they will invest a lot of time into backlinks. While backlinking is a vital part of our strategy, it is not the only thing we do. Here is a look at everything we do monthly to help your website show up higher in search results. 

Optimize Existing Content On Your Site

One of the first things we do is look at all of the pages on your website and see what terms they rank for. Then we identify highly searched terms that would be relevant to the pages that are on your site. We run the page through an analytic software that we use, which shows us which keywords need to be added to your page to help it rank for the keywords we have identified. Then, we go into the existing page content and add the additional keywords where it’s relevant. 

Adding keywords to the content is not the only thing you can do to optimize a page. Other things include: 

  • Updating the meta description and SEO title. 
  • Uploading images to the page and adding alt image tags. 
  • Linking pages to other ones on the website. 

Once we update a page with the keywords, images, tags, etc., we force index the page in Google Search Console so that it shortens the time that Google recognizes the new page. 

Write New Content

It’s always important to add new pages to your site to have more keywords appearing on the site as a whole. We like to start with writing areas served pages for our Jiu-jitsu schools because they are local businesses that offer in-person classes. Areas served pages are where we pick a keyword phrase someone may be looking for and add it to a city your students live in.  

An example of the title of an areas served page would be, Jiu-jitsu classes near me in Orlando, FL. We would write content on that page that talks about your classes and how you help students in the Orlando area. Then, we publish the page and optimize the meta description and title by doing exact matches on the keyword phrase. Usually, we see these pages start getting clicks 4-5 months after we publish them. 

Work On Your GMB Listing

We consider your Google My Business listing to be your second website. It can generate clicks, calls, and messages. Part of our process includes:

  • Updating and posting on your listing each week.
  • Adding new images.
  • Optimizing the listing by filling it out.
  • Building citations. 

One great thing about your GMB listing is that it will show up on maps when someone is in their app searching for a Jiu-jitsu class near them. Also, this listing will show up ahead of websites in the search results.

Backlinks To Your Site

Of course, as all great SEO companies do, we work on getting more backlinks to your site each month. The more links back to your site, the better. We do this by writing guest posts, building citations, submitting to directory listings, and more. Not only do we work on backlinks to your site, we provide you with the link so you can see where your site was linked from.

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