What is Website Maintenance?

What is Website Maintenance?

Did you know that websites share something in common with your cell phone? They have to be updated in order to keep them functioning right. 

That’s why at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, we help take care of your website maintenance

What Is Website Maintenance, And Why Is It Important? 

To be more detailed, website maintenance is the process of keeping your website up-to-date. This is to ensure that it is running smoothly and performing efficiently. Our maintenance packages include: 

  • Making sure your pages are loading without errors
  • Running backups 
  • Updating software and plugins 
  • Checking that all forms are running properly

Maintaining your website is important because it ensures that everything is working as it should be. Therefore making your user experience stress-free and easy. No one likes visiting a website with broken links or error pages. It makes them leave the website quicker and with no answers to their questions. The purpose of a website is to provide relevant and quality content that will answer users’ questions. 

What Is Involved In Website Maintenance? 

Besides the basics mentioned above, website maintenance also includes:

  • Running security scans – always ensures that your website is secure for you and its users.
  • Vulnerability detection – this identifies any weak areas of your website that could benefit from increased security measures.
  • Weekly updates – to keep up with any updates to your platform or plugins to keep them working efficiently.
  • Page speeds – staying current on how fast your page loads is important. Slow pages get lower rankings and less traffic.

Weekly and monthly maintenance will be more beneficial for your site’s ranking and overall user experience. 

Benefits Of Staying Updated On Your Website Maintenance

While staying up to date on your website maintenance is important it is also highly beneficial to your website performance. No one likes visiting a website where they risk their personal information being stolen. So there is the benefit of vulnerability detection and running weekly security scans to maintain user safety. Updating plugins and software is beneficial to your page loading speeds. 

Fast page speeds lead to higher rankings in google search because it creates a better user experience. Of course, backing up your page is beneficial to you to ensure that your website is never lost. Always having a backup will help you to never have to start from scratch if things are lost.

How Does Website Maintenance Benefit Our Instructors? 

Our Jiu-Jitsu instructors benefit from regular website maintenance by providing their students with fast and efficient access to their websites. The instructors can get so busy at times between teaching, training, and advertising. Website maintenance is just one thing to take off their plate.  

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