Top 5 SEO Strategies You Should Be Doing On Your Jiu Jitsu Site

Top 5 SEO Strategies You Should Be Doing On Your Jiu Jitsu Site

Are you looking for ways to implement SEO strategies to your Jiu Jitsu site? Well, look no further, Jiu-JItsu Advertising can help! Here are the top 5 Search Engine Optimization strategies that you should be doing on your site and why. It’s time to make advertising your jiu-jitsu gym a little less complicated and let the professionals step in to help! 

1. Fresh New Content

First things first, your Jiu-Jitsu site will need a constant flow of fresh new content. When our team writes the content we make sure we are using SEO keyword optimization, backlinks and location tagging. All to drive leads, sales and targeted customers straight to your site. 

2. Keyword Optimization

At Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, keyword optimization that’s focused on martial arts is our specialty! Having the right consistency and density of keywords used within your content is vital to getting your site seen. Not only that but the type of keywords used are also of great importance. If the wrong keywords are used for your target audience, you could be missing out on a bunch of leads. 

3. Benefits of Backlinking

When you have a backlink on your site to another, this is giving that other site a vote of confidence. Deeming it a good source of information. The same is true if your site was backlinked on another site, it shows good authority. Backlinking is an especially important SEO strategies to implement because it lets the search engine know that your site is vouched for. In other words, useful content.  

4. Google My Business Listings

Google my business is a great way to let people click directly to your products or services. It enables users to take a glance at your services and helps display your reviews. It is also known as GMB SEO. It gives you the ability to list your site locally so people will be able to find it easier. It also showcases your best reviews, giving your business and website more authority. 

5. SEO For Your Location

Search Engine Optimization can also be used for specific locations. If you are promoting your Jiu-Jitsu gym in a specific location, it’s important to add in location keywords. This will help to promote more in-person visits from your target audience. Some people just want to know what’s local. So it’s important to have your location of your gym listed throughout your content for the search engines. 

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