Keyword Optimization – How To Pick The Right Keyword for Your Niche

Keyword Optimization - How To Pick The Right Keyword for Your Niche

No matter your business type, your ultimate goal for your business is to grow. Growth, especially online growth, means having a strong presence and relatability to your potential clients. A keyword can help those clients find you more easily. And the experts at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising have over 10 years of experience working with companies to boost their business’s leads. 

Keyword Types

Information terms are keywords that individuals use when they are searching for more information regarding a product, a service, etc. The individual is not yet sold on something or simply wants to know more about something specific. They are looking for “more”. LSI Keywords are those keywords that are related or secondary keywords to the main keyword. 

Commercial and local keywords are usually used by those individuals who are fairly certain of what they are looking for and now are looking to purchase it. They may search terms such as “Martial arts classes near me,” or “24 hour gyms in my area.” The individual either has found or already had enough information regarding what they are looking for and so now they simply need to know where to go to get what it is that they seek. 

Main Keywords

Finding the best keyword for your website is no easy task. Good news is there are online tools that you can use in order to help with generating and monitoring the best terms for your website. For example, Ubersuggest is easy to use and understand, as well as helps with choosing the best terms and related terms that would likely work best in your favor. It is important to note that Ubersuggest has both a free and a paid for service. So, whether you pay or use the free version, be sure that whatever you choose benefits your business and its needs. 

Keyword Surfer is another online tool geared towards search volumes, related searches, and a list of sites that rank for those terms. This is very helpful when searching for anything related to your business. The Google Search Console is another helpful tool that helps businesses see what terms their site is ranking for. Both Keyword Surfer and the Google Search Console are free online tools. 

LSI Keywords

Knowing the proper relatable terms for your business is equally important as knowing the correct keywords for it. And, as with keyword search tools, there are many online tools for helping you research and utilize the best relatable terms for your business. For example, Surfer SEO is a trusted name in the world of global marketing, as well as many others. 

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