Tips To Run A Successful Jiu-Jitsu Studio

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If you have been studying martial arts for a while and have a love for jiu-jitsu, you may have thought about opening your studio. Or, you may already have a studio and are looking for ways to make it successful. Regardless of where you are with your jiu-jitsu studio running, it can be difficult. No matter how much you love the sport, knowing how to be a successful gym owner is crucial for you to succeed.

Understand Your Members

One of the first tips we can give you is to understand your members. What we mean by this is who will come to your gym? New students who have never taken classes, students who are familiar with the sport, or those that think they have mastered. What about ages? Will you teach kids and adults? Once you have considered who your students or members will be, you can then think of a class and schedule to fit all your members. Also, where is your location? Is it convenient for your students? These are all the questions you should answer when we say know your members and focus on what will work for them.


When you are looking for instructors, make sure you are hiring the right ones. You will want trainers who are just as passionate about your gym as you are. Ones who know the sport are willing to teach the sport and have patience with others. You should also look for someone with some experience if you can not train with them. Lastly, find someone who can relate with your members and is a good fit for your studio.

Content Marketing

When you are starting a business, you can not be successful if no one knows about you. There are various ways to market your gym, and we suggest looking into several of them. For starters, get a website with engaging content, list on Google business, use blogs on your website to improve your SEO, have social media pages and post on them and also develop an email campaign. While this may seem a bit overwhelming, you can also hire a company such as jiu-jitsu advertising to help. 

When it comes to marketing, the sky’s the limit; make sure you are spending your time, effort, and money on marketing techniques to help your business.

Keep Your Space Clean

No amount of marketing and training will help you if your space is dirty. Cleanliness forms trust between a member and a business. A germ-infested area can make members sick. This could keep them from coming and could also cause them not to want to come back.

Develop a plan to keep your gym clean such as hiring a company or individual to clean daily. Also, keep your space organized and picked up at all times.

Sell Your Own Branded Gear

Members that are coming to your gym will need gear. Why not sell it to them and make a profit while you are at it. You can keep it simple by ordering branded gis, rash guards, shorts, and spats. You can order wholesale and sell for a small profit to increase your gym profits. You may also look into t-shirts for members or their family members to wear. This can show the support of your students and studio in the community.

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Running a jiu-jitsu studio can be difficult and seem intimidating, but the small details do matter. Take pride in your space and pay attention to what your members want. If you are looking for more SEO strategies and marketing strategies, contact us, Jiu-Jitsu Advertising can help. We want to work with you and build your website and your profits.

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