How to Start a Jiu-Jitsu Summer Camp

start a summer camp

Summer camps are fun for kids of all ages; they can make new friends, learn new skills, engage in activities, and create fond memories. A summer camp can be designed around various activities, including jiu-jitsu. Starting a summer camp may be easier than you think. With some creativity and some organization, you could be well on the way to helping create some unforgettable memories for some kids.

Starting a Camp

Many of these steps we are taking you through today are not just for summer camps but could also be used if you want to create a camp for spring break or winter break.

  • Working out the logistics- This is where you decide what type of camp you want to run, find the right location, develop a business plan, and complete all the legal procedures and paperwork. This should be easy; if you are already running a jiu-jitsu school, you can use that location and the ideas you use in class there. 
  • Registration Process- The next step is using online and paper forms to get students to register for your camp. Do not forget to add emergency contact forms and medical waivers. Also, add in the cost of summer camp, when fees are due, and offer discounts for multiple children. 
  • Design a Program- Pick a theme and plan your activities around it. In this instance, you are designing a jiu-jitsu camp, but what other activities can you add to the camp. Think about adding arts and crafts, tumbling, rope climbing, outdoor time, and rest and relax time. 
  • Health and Safety of Campers- the health and safety of your campers should be one of the top priorities of your camp. You will want to decide if you will feed campers or if they will need to bring meals from home. Plan a nutritious snack to give campers each day. You will also need some safety rules to keep all the campers safe and an emergency plan in case something goes wrong such as a fire or other act of nature.
  • Hire and train staff- Your summer camp will also need a team that loves working with children. You can use the instructors who teach jiu-jitsu and then hire a few high schools\ or college-age kids who could help watch and instruct the children. All staff should be appropriately trained on handling the children, emergencies, and CPR certified. 
  • Collect feedback- As you are getting campers registered for camp, ask campers what they would like to do and ask parents what they hope their kids learn from camp. After you have finished camp, it may be beneficial to ask campers and parents again these questions, so you know what to change or add to your program for the next time.
  • Market- Let others know about your summer camp. These can include putting signs up at your business and local businesses. You may even send flyers to the local schools to hand out to students. You can get creative with your marketing strategy. Go to local daycares and hand out flyers and even give your current students handouts to hand out to their friends inviting them.
  • Have Fun- This step should be the easiest, have fun. A summer camp is designed for the kids and the adults to have fun at. Do not forget the real reason behind having it.

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