What Are Things I Can Do Myself to Help My SEO?

What Are Things I Can Do Myself to Help My SEO?

When we bring on a new Jiu-Jitsu school client, one of the things they ask us is what things can they do to help their SEO. Most instructors want to be somewhat involved in their marketing efforts. And, we highly encourage business owners to be involved because it allows them to see what is and isn’t working. 

Here are the things you can do specifically to help your website show up in search results. 

1. Respond To Reviews

If a student leaves a review on your Google My Business listing, Facebook, or another website, make sure you respond to them. The algorithm on most platforms recognizes when you engage with it and rewards that engagement. Even if someone leaves you a negative review, take a few minutes to write out a heartfelt response. It’s just as important for potential students to see that you care about feedback as it is to help your SEO. 

2. Post On Your Google My Business Listing

One of the best ways you can engage on your listing is to post each week. We recommend weekly because that’s how often GMB will email you with your post’s engagement. That tells us that they think weekly posts are the best for engagement. 

In your post, you can share information about your specific programs and classes, schedule, instructors, specials, and more. You can also post pictures from your classes as long as you have waivers on your students. 

3. Sponsor Local Events Or Partner In Your Community

Usually, when you sponsor local events, you will get a backlink to your website. Look for any opportunity to get listed on other pages and websites in your area. That will help you gain exposure through referral, but also send signals to Google that your school website is relevant. 

If you don’t have the marketing budget to sponsor local events, find other ways you can partner in your community and get listed on other websites. This strategy is really important for your overall marketing as well since it gets your name in front of a local audience. 

4. Add New Pages or Blogs To Your Website

A lot of people find it difficult to write new pages and blogs for their website, but it is a very important part of an SEO strategy to add new content. If you are not able to write the content yourself, you can ask someone else in your school to do that for you. Or, you can hire a company like ours to write the content for you as part of your SEO plan. 

5. Get More Reviews

It’s important that you get as many reviews as you can on your GMB listing, Facebook, or any platform that allows people to leave reviews. This will help those platforms rank higher in search results. Also, it serves as social proof for potential students to get to know your school from the words of existing and past students. 

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