How To Manage Your Jiu-Jitsu Summer Camp

manage summer camp

Summertime is excellent; kids are out of school, and parents are looking for activities to keep their kids busy and out of trouble. Is your jiu-jitsu studio taking advantage of this time by offering summer camps? If not, keep reading to find out some easy tips on how to get started. Summer camps help build friendships, help children prepare for the future, and are manageable with some simple tools. 

Chose Your Age Group

It is important to select the age group you want to cater to when it comes to your cam. Will you offer a camp one week for smaller kids ages 4-8 then the next week for ages 8-12. Maybe you want to offer one camp for all ages. Whatever you decide, it will be easier to come up with exercises and activities that focus on the skills of the ages you picked. 

Your Price

One of the main points of summer camp is revenue. You have to make sure you are pricing your camp competitively with the other camps in your area. You also need to make sure you are making a profit at the end of the day. A straightforward way to get a cost is to develop a budget of your employee salary, food, snacks, and any other expenses you have. Add that together to get a total price, then take that number and divide by the number of campers you are willing to have. This should give you a roundabout number to charge each student each week. You can also decide if you will provide a discount for multiple kids from the same household.


This is the fun part, start taking pre-booking for your camp. Let your current students know you are ordering the summer camp and give them the chance to sign up early. You could also offer incentives for signing up early, offer a free t-shirt, or even a reduced price for the camp. You could even encourage your students to tell their friends and other family members about the camp and try to get more students or campers to attend.

Get Creative

Yes, this is a Jiu-Jitsu summer camp, but the chances are that is not all you will offer. Have other activities for the kids to do while attending camp. Arts and crafts are always easy, fun and most kids love snack time. You can rest and relax and allow the kids to watch a movie based around jiu-jitsu. You may want to have a lesson on a new move each day, plus a stretch and warm-up time. Another option is free time, where the kids can spar and grapple.

Reward the Kids

On the last day of camp, let the kids show off the new skills they have learned. This gives them the chance to use what they have learned and allows them to evaluate what you did for the week. You can invite their parents or even other campers who may be interested in the camp. You can have a few kids spar and show new moves and even do a class presentation of moves. Thank the parents and kids for coming to your Jiu-Jitsu summer camp and allow them to give feedback, good and bad. 

For Advertising Needs

Are you looking for ways to now advertise that summer camp on your jiu-jitsu website? Give us a call. The team at jiu-jitsu advertising is here to help you with all your website needs and get you moving in the right direction. With a bit of guidance and some simple tips, you can have a successful summer camp that is sure to be a hit with all your students and campers. 

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