How Can SEM Help My Jiu-Jitsu Business?

SEM Help My Jiu-Jitsu Business

Are you curious about how SEM can help your jiu-jitsu business? When it comes to your online marketing, most small businesses can get overwhelmed rather quickly. They spend the greatest amount of money on their SEO, website development, printed materials, social media marketing, and even email marketing. They do all this with hopes that they can gain more traffic, more business, and more revenue. Here at Jiu-Jitsu advertising, we also want you to know the importance of SEM or search engine marketing. 

What Is SEM?

SEM is also known as search engine marketing, is a form of internet marketing that involves the promotion of the website. It is done by increasing the website visibility in search engine results pages through paid advertising. In addition, it may incorporate search engine optimization, where your content can be adjusted or rewritten to receive higher rankings in search engines and enhance the pay-per-click listing. 

In simple terms, it is a digital marketing strategy that we can use to increase the visibility of your jiu-jitsu website on search engine result pages. This can include sponsored ads in Google or Bing. 

What Are The Benefits Of SEM?

Now that we briefly explained what SEM is, we want you to know the benefits of using it in your marketing strategy.

Affordable and Fast

One of the most important things about SEM is it is affordable. You can have a budget and stick to it pretty easily. Every onsite action related to your marketing strategy can be measured. This means you can see in detail what is working and what is not working and change up your strategy to optimize your budget and your goals in growing your business. Also, there is no minimum investment required, so it is for any budget, as we mentioned before.

Directly Connects You

When we set you up with an SEM campaign, it allows us to directly address potential clients to your jiu-jitsu business. We can do this by using keywords, geographic location, and even the exact time of the day they are online.

This gives us the ability to only show ads to those who are most likely interested in your business and your products and classes. As a result, it can help minimize what you are spending on audiences who find your business irrelevant. For many small businesses, this is especially helpful when you are looking to connect with more clients in your local area. 

Brand Awareness

When we use keywords associated with your school, we can help find more people searching for these terms. This can be helpful when you do not have a solid online presence. SEM campaigns can help grow your brand visibility and awareness much faster than an SEO strategy focused on raising your page rankings. SEO strategies can take months to see results, while SEM can take about half that time.

Market Analysis

A well-put-together SEM plan is the most effective way for us as a team to determine if your products and services are what potential consumers and clients are looking for. In addition, they can help you decide what changes need to be made to your class times or even the classes you are offering.


SEM campaigns can also help you reconnect with visitors who have previously visited your website. We refer to this as retargeting or remarketing and can help you gain clients. For example, some potential clients need to see an ad several times before making the jump and taking action on a purchase. As they are retargeted, this reminds them of your jiu-jitsu school and gives them the chance to potentially make to call and schedule some classes.

For More On SEM Strategies

We know that online marketing for small businesses can be a bit overwhelming, and that is why we are here to help. Contact the team at jiu-jitsu advertising today. We would love to talk to you more about an SEM strategy for your business and help your website attract more potential clients. 

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