How Using the Right Keywords Can Benefit Your Website

Keywords Can Benefit Your Website

You may be aware that keywords are important to your website, but you may not understand why and how they benefit you. Keywords are important for every business, including your jiu-jitsu gym. They help target web traffic to your business for free. When they are used correctly, this can skyrocket your business bringing in more website visitors and potentially more students.

What Are Keywords?

Before we get into how keywords benefit your website, let’s discuss what a keyword is. A keyword is a word or a group of words that internet users type into a search box on a search engine. Search engines can include Google, Bing, and more. These keywords help users find the websites they are looking for. 

Some keywords get hundreds of searches a day, while others only get a few.  Some high-traffic keywords are very competitive because so many businesses are using them and are trying to get referrals and more traffic from users. 

How To Choose the Right Keywords

The first step in choosing the keywords suitable for your website is using a keyword planner tool. Many of these tools accessible online can help you narrow down the keywords relevant to your business. Some of the top ones are Google Ads Keyword Tool, Keywords Everywhere Plugin, and Google Search Console. These are helpful tools for your business as they can help you with search terms and keywords that you may not have expected or known that could be useful to you.

Another tip we find useful is to make sure your keywords are directly related to the content on your website, especially your landing page. Users should understand your product and the services they will find on your site by your keywords. 

One more important factor in choosing keywords for your website is the average monthly search volume. The keyword search volume shows how many people have searched for a specific keyword or phrase in the past month. A higher volume means more people are searching using that keyword, and it could help you. This is also where keyword competition comes into play. If you are trying to stand out from your competition, it can be difficult if there are thousands of businesses vying for the top spot. If you see this, try using long-tail keywords and adding more descriptive detail to your keywords to help rank your website and bring in traffic.

Benefits of Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of your SEO or search engine optimization. You can not create new content or optimize your content for search engines unless you know what people search for and what they want to see. 

Keywords benefit your website by helping you rank higher on search engines and bringing in more traffic to your site. These go hand in hand. If you have the keywords people are looking for, this ranks your site higher; a higher ranking means more people are using your site and visiting your site. This, in turn, means more sales for you, more business for you, and higher revenues for you. 

In short, keywords improve your search engine rankings by helping Google, and other search engines understand your website; they also help communicate that your website matches a query. Keywords help get your content and website in front of the right people when they are looking for it and increase conversion by assisting consumers in finding you rather than your competitors.

We Can Help With Keywords

 If you are struggling with what keywords you should use for your website, the team at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising can help. We help gyms just like yours with their website needs. This can include web design, Google My Business, SEO, content, and Google Ads. Please reach out to us to see how we can help you.

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