3 Tips On How To Run A Successful Jiu-Jitsu Business

run a successful business

Running a Jiu-Jitsu business is hard work, especially if you want your studio to be successful. If you think you can rent a space, put on a gi, get students, and be done, you are fooling yourself. The amount of dedication in work to get your business running and off the ground is enormous. However, all the dedication you put into your studio will be worth it when you see your business succeed and your students learning. We put together three tips that we think can help you run a jiu-jitsu business, 

Great Location

Location, we all know this is very important for any business. There are a few tips to remember about your location in terms of jiu-jitsu. First, you want to make sure the location is accessible. People need to reasonably get to your location by car and have somewhere to park. Another point to remember is that students need to find their studio and not travel too far to get there. So make sure you choose a spot in town that has a great location. 

Another point you can try to make is to find a location near a prominent landmark if possible. This makes it easier to give directions to potential students as well as visiting grapplers. Finally, do your best not to switch location on your students very often. 


When it comes to a schedule for your classes, the more, the better, generally speaking. We are talking about having more training days per week, rather than more groups. When you start your studio, it may be easier to start with one group of people. A bare minimum schedule should be three days a week. We recommended doing at least 4-5 days, but 6 days are ideal for most students. As you start growing your business, you will have to add more classes and more groups.

One example is dividing your group into advanced students, more fundamentals classes, and even an open mat class. One way you can do this is to put everyone up to a blue belt in the fundamental group and others in the advanced class. You can also think about including kids’ classes.

Finding your schedule, keeping your structure, and having a curriculum can help your class follow a curriculum. If every class is different and you seem like you are doing things off the top of your head, you will not be able to keep students.

Online Presence

We are in modern times, and this calls for different ways to advertise and get your business out there. If you want your jiu-jitsu business to succeed and grow, you will have to have a solid online presence. For starters, you need a great website; this can also help with your marketing. Then you need a social media account; Facebook and Instagram are must-haves. You can also look into Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Tic Tok. Make sure your online presence is persistent. Make sure you post at least once a week good quality content and remember pictures and videos can help you! Make sure you ask students, even those that are just visiting, to leave you a review. This can work wonders for you online and help you in your business.

Helping Your Business Grow

The team at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising wants to help your business grow. We can help you with your online presence, your Google My Business, Google Ads, and so much more! Running a jiu-jitsu business is a ton of work, but running your website should not be something you stress over. Contact our team today so we can go over all our service options with you. 

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