How Google My Business Can Help Students Find You

how GMB can help

A Google My Business or GMB account lets your business appear in search results when potential students are looking for you online. One of the remarkable things about GMB is it is free, which makes it a very affordable marketing tool for your jiu-jitsu studio.  A listing can help you manage your online presence and provide a short profile that your potential students can view. 

How Does GMB Work?

If you have a student that has searched for “Jiu-Jitsu near me” at any time, Google can give them the top three relevant jiu-jitsu studios within a certain radius of their location. This is how your Google My Business listing works. The top 3 businesses that Google displays are based on an algorithm that factors relevance, distance, and prominence.

Your listing is a short amount of text but includes essential information that potential students need to know. This can include your studio name, address, phone number, hours, links to your website, review, photos, and videos. A GMB listing is much like an online phonebook in a sense, and the information it contains is just what a potential student needs if they are interested in your studio.

Over 85% of customers search for a potential business online, and if you are not listed on GMB, you are missing out on all those potential students who are searching.

Increase Your Online Presence

Another reason you should have a Google My Business listing is to increase your online presence. This helps your students have easier access to your information. When they search for something, the GMB listings are shown first on the webpage and then the websites; many students will interact with a studio via the GMB listing. Some online users are in a hurry to get information, so they will only view your GMB listing instead of visiting your website; if you do not have a GMB listing, you miss out on tons of potential students in your area.

Helps Gain Credibility

Most people using Google trust it to provide accurate information on the subject they are searching for. Having your business information listed increases the credibility of your studio. GMB also allows past students to write reviews about your jiu-jitsu studio, and if the reviews are good, Google can give you an excellent rating. These ratings can boost your competitive advantage over other studios in your area and help you gain students.

Increases Your Interaction with Students

Google also gives you the option to respond to customer reviews and answer any other queries through the questions and answer feature. You are also to post updates about the studio and post stories that people can respond to. You can post videos of classes and short stories to go with them. This can increase your interaction with students past and future and is essential in building your brand, recognition, trust, and loyalty. 

Stand Out 

GMB listings are short content, but they can help you stand out to students against competitors in your local area. You should remember that Google displays the top 3 businesses when someone is searching. You want to be in that top 3, so you have a better chance of being picked by a student. 

Still, Need Help?

Does all this talk about Google My Business confuse you, and you are unsure if your Jiu-Jitsu Business is being portrayed the way it should be? Our team at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising has you covered. We work with jiu-jitsu studios all over the United States and help them with their web design, Google My Business. SEO, content, and Google Ads. We would love to talk to you and let you know how we can help you! 

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