How To Grow My Jiu-Jitsu Business By Using Facebook

grow your business with facebook

When you have a small business, such as a jiu-jitsu school, it is important to utilize marketing tools to help your business grow. Facebook is one of these tools. Facebook is a social media platform full of people in different age groups; it is easy to reach your intended audience and draw in a new audience.

Every small business needs to be on Facebook. The perks can include powerful advertisement options, ads, Facebook groups, and a business page. Facebook is full of tools that can help you engage potential customers and grow your jiu-jitsu business. 

Getting Started

It can seem challenging or overwhelming to know where to start if you are not familiar with Facebook. Here are easy steps to help you get started and how we think Facebook can help work for you.

Create A Business Page

If you want to have a professional but solid Facebook presence, you will need to create a separate page for your jiu-jitsu business. Do not try using your personal page. When you create a business page, you have access to ask people to like and follow your page instead of sending out friend requests. Creating a page is simple. Sign up, add photos, create a username, enter your information, create your first post and publish and invite followers. 

Post Regularly on your Page

While using Facebook to promote your jiu-jitsu, you have to do more than just have a page; you have to use it.  Try to post as frequently as you can and at least once a day. While it is essential to post regularly, it is also important to post quality content.

Posts can include information about the school, photos of employees, class schedules, video clips of students, fee schedules, and blogs about the benefits of jiu-jitsu. 

Facebook insights are also a great way to see what your followers want to see. This is free on a business page, and it shows you valuable information such as how many people visited your post and how people engage with your posts. If you are concerned that Facebook will eat up a considerable part of your day, you can always schedule posts. This can help you make sure you post at least once a day.

Engage Followers

Facebook favors posts and pages that create engagement. Before you post anything on Facebook as yourself, will it start a conversation, and will it be engaging., It is important to remember that Facebook is a social media platform, allowing followers to be social on your page.

Your business should interact with followers by responding to questions they may have and any concerns they bring up. Always try to be friendly and conversational, Keep your update timely and respond to comments and private messages.

Use Friends of Fans

It is said that people are more likely to try something if their friends are doing it. When customers interact on your page, their friends can also see their activity in their newsfeed. You can foster more interactions by using polls and asking questions that followers will want to answer. Use social media as the new word of mouth for your business. Ask customers to post reviews and even tag you at the jiu-jitsu school. 

Write Content

When posting content on your Facebook page, you want to keep it engaging, and you want it to be relevant to jiu-jitsu. Posting a variety of content is easy, you can post pictures of the school, pictures of students training, a class schedule, videos of you training, articles related to jiu-jitsu, and the benefits of training for kids and adults. If you are running a special for a complimentary session for new students or any camp, remember to add this information to your page. 

Another important thing to do is ask questions on your blogs and content. This allows followers to interact with you and reach a bigger audience.

For More Information

Using Facebook to promote your business is easier than you probably thought. Should you have any questions or want more information about how Facebook could help grow your business, contact us. We would love to talk to you more about website design and content.

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