How Do I Promote My BJJ Gym?

Promote My BJJ Gym

Advertising and promoting your business have changed over the years, and it can make your head spin at the different options. Advertising is constantly evolving and changes from time to time, but some things will remain the same. When it comes to your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gym, we are sure you have many ideas on how to advertise to get new students. This can be traditional marketing forms such as handouts and placing ads, but you also want to make sure you use more modern marketing for Jiu-Jitsu which works with this generation.

Here at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, we have compiled a list of a few marketing ideas that can help promote your BJJ gym. Some are easy and quick, while others may take time and effort, but each is a great way to increase exposure to your BJJ gym.


Blogs can seem time-consuming to promote your business, but they are a great asset to your BJJ website. Blogs create quality content that can be used for potential students to look up more information on BJJ, tips and tricks on martial arts, and more information about your gym. Blogs are a way to boost your SEO and a great source of promotional awareness.

Social Media

Social Media is an excellent way for martial arts gyms to increase their following and, if done correctly, is a great marketing tool. You can upload short videos of classes you offer, graphics, pictures, and anything you think would be beneficial to catch the interest of potential students. You can also run specials for your social media followers and link them to your website and blogs for more information.

After School Program

Parents always seem to be looking for something to do with school-age children after school. If you offer an after-school program at your gym that allows parents to have a safe place for their children, word of mouth will get around quickly. Offer kids a place to grab a snack, do homework, and learn new moves. This is a win for any parent and can help you gain younger students into your gym and classes.

Birthday Parties

Hosting birthday parties is a terrific way to spread awareness of your gym. They can give you a boost in revenue, and we all need that, and they also bring in more potential students and help get your name out in the community. Holding birthday parties in your gyms on the weekends makes sense if you want to bring in younger students. You can hold a demonstration of what your gym offers, have some older students come in and work with the party on a few simple BJJ moves and offer open mat time for the party. 

Guest Days

Offering students the chance to bring a guest to class for free one time a month is another way you can let potential students see what you have to offer. These could be guests that have never heard of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or guests that have been interested and just have not checked out your gym. This is an easy referral system where potential students can experience your gym with a friend and someone they trust. This is an easy way to multiply the number of students you have.

For Online Advertisement

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