What Is Guest Posting and How Does It Help My Website?

What Is Guest Posting and How Does It Help My Website?

Getting your BJJ gym out there can seem a little intimidating at times. Especially if you’ve been in the blogging world for a good while now and you’re still having troubles driving traffic to your site. Maybe it’s time to look into guest posting! Guest posting is the number one way to increase traffic and steer people to your website by simply just promoting your work. 

What Is A Guest Post?

For those new to the blogging world you may not know what exactly a guest post is. So in short, a guest post is when you post on another person’s blog as a guest, to get straight to the point. When you supply a guest post, in exchange for bestowing your wisdom in the form of content, you get an external backlink that leads back to your own website. Therefore leading to more exposure for your site! With this new exposure it also leads to improved SEO (search engine optimization) results which will boost your search engine rate on google. Guest posting also will help you to gain credibility and experience in the writing/content creation world. You will be exposed to all kinds of new responses and reactions to what you write as you touch base with new audiences.   

What Is The Purpose Of A Guest Post?

The purpose of a guest post is to drive people to your website with the compelling content you provide on the host site. When you are able to share your insight on another website and people find it interesting, the backlink provided in the guest post will lead them back to your website. A guest post will also help you to expand your inner network, meet and connect with other more established bloggers, as well as provide you with the opportunity to expand your audience range. Creating a guest post is also very beneficial for your SEO results, helping you to rank higher in credibility and boost your search results on your site. 

How Do Guest Posts Help My Website?

Guest posts are particularly beneficial to your websites as they reach a different audience then you’re used to and increases the overall visits to your website. When you guest post you are putting your content out there to somebody else’s audience in hopes that they find their way back to your page using the provided backlink. Lastly, sharing a guest post will help you to gain experience as a writer, giving you more opportunities and different formats of expressing your understanding and perception of things. 

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