How To Build A Jiu-Jitsu Dream Team

Jiu Jitsu Dream Team

One of your goals in life since you were a small kid was to one day open your own jiu-jitsu gym. You took classes when you were younger, you competed in the sport, your classmates became family, and you want the opportunity to let other kids experience the same things you did growing up. You have done your homework; you have a plan and a location, so what is next? Next, you need to think about your team. Who will make up your dream team and help you run a successful jiu-jitsu studio that you have always dreamed of?

What Makes a Great Team

One of the keys to success is getting a group of people that work for you to become a team. In order for this to happen, you need individuals who get along, love the sport as much as you, who want to see your business succeed and who can work together as a team. There are a few crucial elements that we believe will help you build your dream team of employees.


Effective communication is an important part of building a great team. You have to be able to speak and update each other constantly about what is going on. You can not assume the other person has the same information you do. Being a good communicator also means you have to be able to listen to others. A step in creating your dream team is to find individuals who can communicate and listen to each other openly.


Teams that work well together understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You may have one instructor who works better with kids and one who works better with adults. Or you may have one who does better with students who compete and one who gears more towards just the hobby. Your instructors may be great at everything and have something they prefer, or you may have one primary instructor and those that fill in on an as-needed basis. Whatever works for your gym, make sure everyone knows their job and how to do it. 


All workplaces are full of challenges, and your studio will not be an exception. Are you looking to build your studio and add more students? Looking to add more classes? Looking to offer different time frames and open gym times? You have to have a team that supports you and each challenge your gym may face. There may be slow months and hectic months; make sure your team can handle both efficiently. 


Lastly, when you build your dream team, get a group of people who will become family, love to teach, and love the sport. Jiu-Jitsu is a very hands-on sport that many students love. You need instructors who are passionate about the sport and want to pass that passion onto others. Some characteristics you should look for in a great instructor include someone who is

  • credible and have extensive knowledge in jiu-jitsu
  • inspiring to kids and adults
  • offers constructive feedback
  • patient with all students
  • flexible in the way they teach
  •  always put safety first

A great instructor must also be a great role model to his students. It is a huge responsibility to be a teacher, and the students and parents place their trust in your studio and gym. Many life lessons will be learned in your gym, and your instructors have to help their students with those lessons.

We hope this article helped you build a dream team for your jiu-jitsu studio, and we hope this made you stop and think of a few people you would love to have work with you. This could be friends or family you already know, or you may have to conduct a few interviews. However, you find your dream team; we hope you succeed.

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