Will Google Ads Help My BJJ Business?

google ads help my business

If you have ever been on Google, you have seen the ads, the little search results that come right before the so-called real results. Those ads are one of the most powerful tools you can use to drive traffic to your BJJ Gym. Google Ads can help you connect your gym to potential students who are interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Google has so much to offer its users, and you should be taking advantage of the promotions it can do for you. 

How Do Google Ads Work?

Google Ads will require a combination of effort and knowledge for it to be effective for you. Google’s ad platform is based on an auction model meaning to create ads, you have to identify keywords or phrases that your target will search for. Then you bid on those keywords or phrases. This can seem like a pay-to-win scheme, but you have to remember Google helps users find what they are looking for. Thus, successful ads combine a higher bid with relevant content that can answer the user’s questions.

Google uses ads based on a user’s search content, location and search history, and a few other things. So the potential to gain students in your area is high if you are using the ads correctly. 

Why are Google Ads Effective?

Simply put, Google ads are effective because they target what the user wants. Google dominates when it comes to search engines, and it can ultimately send the most traffic to your BJJ gym and set the standard for algorithms. When it comes to mobile traffic, Google also dominates by 96% of mobile traffic using Google. There is no doubt that Google is the leader in the search engine market, and choosing not to advertise here doesn’t make much sense.

Why Do Google Ads Work?

So now that you know Google Ads are a must for your gym, we want to let you in on a few other reasons why they will work for you.

1. They Target Potential Customers While They Are Engaged

One of the main reasons the ads are effective is to target potential students when they are looking for your service. For example, a person is searching for Brazilian jiu-jitsu gyms in their area. At the top of the search result page, they see your ad, and so they click on the ad and start reading about your gym. Google ads have just helped reach someone when they are looking and engaged, and with the right keywords and optimization strategy, you will be in front of the right users when they are searching for what you offer. 

2. Focus on Local Market

When you are a local business and have an excellent online presence, Google ads are an excellent investment for you. When a user searches for local gyms, they are more likely to visit a gym close to home and their current location. Google ads can help you reach more potential students within your business’s vicinity; The ads can also display your address and phone number, making it easier for the local user to call you. 

3. Quick Results

Another great benefit of Google Ads is almost instant results and easy to get started. You simply set up a google ad campaign, enter keywords, set a budget, write down content, and you are set. Once your ad goes live, you can potentially get potential students looking at your site that day!

For Help With Google Ads

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