What Are Citations and How Will They Help My SEO?

How citations can help SEO

When you do searches for how to increase the traffic to your site, you will likely run across information about building citations. Here at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, we build citations for our clients to help their Google My Business listing rank higher and provide a backlink to their site. So, what are citations, and how do they help the SEO of your site? Here is what you need to know. 

What Are Citations? 

As we mentioned, citations are a part of local SEO, which is a strategy that focuses on doing things that will help local businesses rank higher. One of the ways we help local businesses rank higher is to do something that will strengthen their Google My Business listing. In this case, we build citations that involve adding your business name, phone number, and address to websites across the internet. 

Your business’ name, address, and phone number can also be referred to as the NAP. The more often your NAP appears across different sites, the more Google trusts that it is a legitimate business. The more Google trusts your business, the more likely it is to pull it up in search results. 

Why Is It Important to Invest in Citations? 

The more your NAP appears on different sites, the more Google identifies your GMB listing as a legitimate and trustworthy listing. However, this is an important ranking factor because citation sites usually let us add a link back to your website. The more links back to your website, the more likely Google will see it as a relevant site. 

When you generate new citations for your site every month, you continue to send signals to Google that your business is alive and well. Ever since the pandemic, this has become even more crucial. Before that time, there wasn’t as much question as to whether or not a business was still open. If your jiu-jitsu school has re-opened and is back in business, it’s essential to do everything you can to let Google know this. 

How To Get Citations?

Here at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, we build citations each month on behalf of your school. Some places we find to submit your information are general sites that accept all industries. Other websites are niche’ specific for your school. Our goal is to find more places to publish your NAP each month and provide a backlink to your site to strengthen your GMB and your website. 

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