Tips on Running a Successful Jiu-Jitsu Gym

Tips on Running a Successful Jiu-Jitsu Gym

Are you thinking of starting your own Jiu-Jitsu Gym? As this sport continues to grow in popularity the need for successful gyms grows as well. There are several ways to be successful in this industry and it’s important to consider all aspects before just jumping right in. 

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Understand Your Target Audience

When developing your own jiu jitsu gym it’s important to know who your target audience is. This will affect many aspects of your business, the skills of your instructors, the way you advertise, and much more. Will your gym be exclusively for adults or children, or both. Establishing your target audience will allow you to move forward with your planning steps

Offer A Variety Of Classes

By offering a range of diverse classes your student’s will feel like they have options and room to grow in your gym. A first time student not only wants to feel like they have options but may also feel intimidated or doubt their level of skill. Having classes designated for beginners will decrease these negative thoughts and show your first-timers that they are not alone and everyone has to start somewhere. The same goes for seasoned grapplers, they want to continue to be challenged so providing them with classes with other experienced BJJ students is ideal. 

Be Mindful of Factors Like Time And Location

Knowing your community will give you a better idea of the best class times to offer. Most children and adults share similar hours of availability, after school and work. Classes during these times will  likely fill up because this is the availability of most people. However, depending on your community you may have a lot of families with diverse schedules, work from home parents or homeschooled children. Depending on your area it may be in your best interest to offer a variety of times for your classes.  

When considering a location of where you’d like to host lessons it’s a great idea to keep it closer to local schools or residential communities. Selecting a location that is off in the cut somewhere may prove to be a major inconvenience and lose you business. 

Vet Your Instructors

Unless you are going to be teaching all the classes, finding the right teachers may become a challenge. Finding people who are also skilled at jiu-jitsu and great at teaching are not always easily discovered. It’s important that your teachers work well with your students. When working with children it is especially important to have an abundance of patience and deliver things in a way that gets the kids attention. Finding a well balanced jiu-jitsu instructor who is flexible to work with multiple skill levels, different learning styles, and ages is a treasured commodity. Your instructors can make or break your business. 

Put Effort Into Marketing

Even after starting your business it’s important to keep your name out there. Many gyms when they first open have a huge marketing push, banners, sign twirlers, mailers, social media posts etc and then a few months later you don’t hear from them again. These are same great ways to maximize your marketing efforts: 

  • Creating an engaging website that is easily operable with consistent relevant content will maximize your marketing efforts. 
  • Hiring someone to write blog posts for your business will increase your website SEO strategy. When people are searching for jiu jitsu classes the first place they look is the internet. Publishing a Google Business Listing will encourage visibility of your gym. 
  • Social media is the new wave of marketing. Creating a media profile for your business on every possible social media platform and posting often. 

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