How Much Do Your SEO Services Cost?

SEO Service Costs

One of the first things someone wants to know is how much SEO costs. If you’ve spoken to different companies, you’ve probably heard everything from $100 a month to $1,000 a month. It can make it hard to know why some companies charge more than others. Here at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, we have a few different SEO plans for jiu-jitsu schools to take advantage of. 

How Much Do Your SEO Services Cost? 

Our plans range from $325 a month to $550 a month for SEO. We offer Google ads as well, which start at $400 a month for management plus your ad spend. Some of the clients we work with take advantage of these plans to give themselves the fastest results. Others stick with our basic plan and work from there.

Why Do You Charge More Than This Other Company That Quoted Me?

You must know what a company is doing for you regarding your SEO. SEO is not like phone services or utilities where all companies provide you with the same exact services. In cases like that, picking a company based on rates is logical. However, when it comes to services like this, you must choose a company based on what they will do for you. You can spend a lot of money with an SEO company and get nowhere.  

What’s Part of Your SEO Services?

We have three SEO plans: 


Our GMB SEO plan is $325 per month and includes: 

-Monthly citations 

-Weekly posts

-Uploaded images

-Optimizations on the listing

-Listing monitoring

We’ve seen jiu-jitsu schools benefit from this SEO plan because it allows their GMB listing to show up above their competitors for some searches. The more we interact with the listing and the more citations built, the more traffic and calls the listings receive. 

Not only does the listing benefit, but it helps their maps rankings. This listing is what feeds the map’s rankings. So if someone is looking for your business in their maps app, you have a better chance of showing up. 

2. Website SEO 

Getting your website to show up in search results is one of the best ways to get someone to contact you. They will see your website and have the ability to see what classes you offer. But, the issue is you must get your site to show up when someone is looking for what you offer. 

Here are the core things we do as part of our website SEO which starts at $550 a month:

  • New content every month
  • Optimize existing pages on the site
  • Monthly keyword research
  • Backlinks each month
  • Call tracking and form tracking
  • GMB management

One thing that separates us from other SEO companies is that we write new content for our clients each month. Another thing we do as part of our website SEO is to do some work on your GMB listing. Since that listing can generate traffic to your website, it can help move the needle faster.

3. GMB + Website SEO

For jiu-jitsu schools that want to see results faster, we recommend that they invest in both of our SEO plans for $850 a month. This allows us to focus more time on their listing as well as their website. Combining these two services helps you show up faster and be seen by more potential students. 

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