What To Look For When Hiring Help For Your Jiu-Jitsu School

Hiring Help For Your Jiu Jitsu School

When students are looking for Jiu-Jitu schools to attend, they want to go somewhere they will learn and somewhere they enjoy being a part of. The instructors and staff you have helping run your school can make the difference in whether your students stay or look for another school to attend. So what should you look for when you are hiring help? Just because someone has a black belt or has won many competitions does not mean they will be a good employee or even a good fit for your business.

What to Look for in Employees

We know hiring new employees can be time-consuming and also costly for your jiu-jitsu business. It is not always easy to know who to hire and how many people to hire. Here are some traits we think are good to look for when you start to hire.

Long Term Potential

Having a significant turnover rate is not suitable for any business, and training a new employee every other month can be time-consuming for you and take away from what you need to do. When looking to hire, ask how long they plan to work for you and their goals. 


Students coming to your jiu-jitsu school want to see others who have a passion for the martial arts. Make sure you hire employees who love the art and want to help your school grow and your students learn. 

Team Player

This may seem simple, but you need employees that are team players and willing to work together. You need someone who can step up and help wherever you need it. Do you need someone to cover the check-in desk or answer phones or help teach the students or help monitor a class? You need someone willing to do whatever job duty you need from them that day. 

Work Ethic

Another top quality that we think you should look for is someone with a strong work ethic. Employees who come to work, are on time, and take pride in their job will help grow your business. It is also an employee that can encourage other employees to do a better job.

What to Look for in Instructors

What makes an excellent Jiu-Jitsu instructor? Just having years of experience under them means nothing. You have to have instructors who have talent and knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu. You also need someone just as passionate as you are about passing the knowledge they have onto your students. You most likely opened your school because of your love for martial arts and your desire to teach; make sure you hire another instructor who feels the same way. 

Another great skill to look for when hiring someone to help teach is an individual who has patience. A crucial part of being a teacher is showing patience, especially with new students who have never trained before. Some instructors can forget new students are easily intimidated, and with new techniques and terms thrown at them constantly, they can be overwhelmed. An instructor that is easily frustrated can make your students feel uneasy. Finding an instructor who can help students feel comfortable while learning will go a long way in growing your school.

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