5 Qualities To Look For When Hiring A Jiu Jitsu Instructor

Hiring A Jiu Jitsu Instructor

If you own a jiu-jitsu studio, you know the importance of hiring quality instructors for your studio. Researching and interviewing instructors can seem overwhelming if you’re not sure what qualities to look for. Here are 5 important qualities to consider when you’re hiring jiu-jitsu instructors. 

1. Patience and Attentiveness

Patience is a key quality when hiring instructors for your studio, especially if you offer classes to younger students. Instructors who demonstrate patience will also stay long term with your studio because they’re willing to teach toward mastery. This will create a positive atmosphere for your students and other members of your staff. 

During the interview process, consider how the potential instructor pays attention. An instructor who pays attention to details will also stay on task during teaching time. You want someone who will work carefully, watch student technique and help them reach their goals. 

2. Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills means the instructor will effectively use physical and verbal skills with students, parents, and other staff members. Using proper communication will help students progress in their study because they know what’s expected of them. 

You can test the communication skills of potential instructors by asking them to explain certain concepts to you. If they can explain in a clear and concise way, that’s a sign of effective communication skills. The best instructors are the ones that can communicate knowledge to several skill levels. 

3. Knowledge and Experience

When you’re researching potential instructors, knowledge and experience are essential qualities. These qualities will help grow your business and show authority. As students learn and grow in their skill, they will tell other people about their experience in your studio. 

It’s important to research how long your instructor has trained or taught in other studios. One way to see this is to have them demonstrate technical moves and explain the fundamentals to you. This is another way to see their communication skills as well. 

4. Awareness of Safety 

Prioritizing safety is another important quality to look for in a potential jiu-jitsu instructor. Awareness for student safety creates an ideal and safe environment for practice. Instructors should always know each student’s skill level. This will help them know when a student is ready to demonstrate certain techniques.

Don’t hesitate to check potential instructor references and how they prioritized safety in the studio. You can even have a potential instructor teach a few classes so you can see how they handle your safety protocols. Watching them will also give you a better understanding of their teaching styles.

5. Encouragement and Inspiration

Every student loves learning in an encouraging and inspiring environment. It’s even better when an instructor comes alongside and offers words of wisdom and inspiration to keep you going. The best instructors are the ones that won’t have to encourage you to practice your skills. You will already feel inspired by their sessions that you’ll naturally want to train on your own. 

An encouraging and inspiring instructor will lead students to reach their goals with confidence. After leaving class, students should feel inspired to create their own routine and feel comfortable asking for help when they need it. Look for instructors that are passionate about jiu-jitsu history and love teaching the techniques. 

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