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When looking into SEO for your Jiu-Jitsu business, you may be pulled in every direction and have your head spinning pretty quickly. Luckily there are a few free SEO tools that can help you. When that free helps give you extra traffic, more money, higher ranking, reputation, and more sales, free can be a great thing. One of the downsides of free is sometimes you might get attracted to free junk. 

To help you weed through what is good and what could just give you a bigger headache, we put together a list of free SEO tools that are easy to use and can help your business. You can also use all of these with ease and not worry about getting punished by Google algorithms. 

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress

When you open your jiu-jitsu business, chances are you need some form of content marketing, and you have checked into WordPress. Yoast Plugin for WordPress can make it easier to make sure the content you are writing, creating, and publishing on WordPress is optimized for your SEO. For each piece of content, you are able to choose keywords, and  Yoast checks to make sure you are using those keywords throughout your article.

Yoast can check your on-page optimization and make sure you are using the correct alt-text on images, how many links you have included, and if the focus keywords are in the proper places. It gives you a preview to see what your page will look like when it comes up in search results, you can also make the changes to your headings and meta description as needed.

Google Analytics

One of the best and strongest tools you can use to track your website visitor data is Google Analytics. Some of the features included are seeing where visitors are coming from, what pages they leave, and how long they stay on the website page.

You want to be able to see the amount of traffic that your SEO keywords are pulling in and the amount that they are not pulling in. If you do not know these numbers, you can risk putting together an SEO strategy that can fail because you do not understand what is working and not working for your jiu-jitsu company. Pairing Google Analytics with your SEO strategy just makes perfect sense.

Keyword Tool

Are you wanting to find out what people are searching for? Try KeywordTool. This helps you find relevant keywords by using Google suggestions. You can accurately pick what keywords you want to include in your website content. This SEO tool can help boost your website in rankings and generate up to 750 plus long-tail keywords for every search term you plugin.

Screaming Frog

A powerful application that can audit your website’s SEO is Screaming Frog. This SEO tool can go through all your images, links, meta descriptions, and everything else, giving you a comprehensive SEO audit. The audit can also find broken links and check to see what needs updating; Screaming Frog is a no-brainer for your SEO and should be utilized by every website. 

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