5 Tips On How To Run Your Jiu-Jitsu Business.

tips to run your business

If you’re getting started on running a BJJ school or looking for tips on how to increase your class size, we have a few tips to help you. Here at Jiu-Jitsu Advertising, we help school owners to increase the number of people that find their website. Once they reach out to you about your classes, it’s up to you to turn those leads into students. 

Here are 5 tips on how to run your BJJ school successfully. 

1. Invest in More Kids’ Classes

Kids’ classes are going to make up the majority of the revenue of your school. Sure, you’ll have adults that are interested in the classes, but it won’t be the majority of your students. Investing in younger age groups will increase the number of students you bring into the school. 

2. Offer a Variety of Class Times

The more class times you offer, the easier it will be for potential students to fit it into their schedule. Also, the more class times you offer, the greater chances that a student will be able to attend multiple classes per week. 

Most schools follow the public school schedule and close during breaks. Also, they open up more classes when the summer hits. Following vacation schedules with the public school will help you keep your classes full throughout the year. 

3. Give Students The Option For Private Classes

You can charge more for a private class than for a monthly membership. If you have the time to add in one-on-one classes for students that prefer that, it can be a big money-maker. Offer one-time private classes for those that want the extra support here and there as well as ongoing sessions. 

4. Offer After School Programs

As your school grows, offering an after-school program can increase your class size. Parents are often looking for a place to send their kids for a few hours after school. This is a great way to drum up ongoing interest from the students that come to your program.

If the afterschool program grows, you can offer summer care as well. Parents need summer camp options for their kids. When their kids are already coming to your afterschool programs, they will be more likely to sign up for the ongoing summer care.  

5. Keep Your Environment Welcoming For New Students

Make sure that the new student experience is welcoming. It’s important for new people to feel comfortable. This will keep them with you longer and help to build loyalty. This is also essential to getting student referrals. 

To make the most welcoming environment, instill this attitude with all of your staff as well as the students. Make it part of the culture in your school to help along new students. 

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