Top SEO Strategies For 2022

2022 SEO Strategies

Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is like a puzzle, where one day, a piece fits perfectly, and the next, it’s completely different. Staying on top of your SEO and understanding recent trends can help you put the pieces together. In today’s article, we will go over some of the SEO trends that will have the most significant impact in 2022. 

Google’s New Artificial Intelligence

Google is constantly updating and upgrading its algorithm to provide search engine users with the best experience possible. While this improves the user’s experience, it makes life a living nightmare for website managers. Another addition to this algorithm, Google’s AI algorithm RankBrain, is set to have a massive impact on the SEO world in 2022. 

While we know very little about how RankBrain works, it learns and analyzes content with user experience at the forefront. Because of this, click-through rate and time spent on a website will be the key factors that RankBrain prioritizes. Therefore, it’s crucial to create well-organized and useful content to captivate and engage readers.

Become Mobile Friendly

The overwhelming majority of Google users use their smartphones or tablets. That’s why, starting in 2015, Google made mobile-friendliness a cornerstone of SEO. As the years have gone by, optimizing your content for mobile devices has become more and more critical. In 2022, it’s more important than ever. 

Google will primarily look at the mobile version of your website to ensure it’s friendly for users. If the website is slow, broken, or – to put it bluntly – ugly, Google will punish said website. Thankfully for website managers, Google offers a free mobile-friendly test to ensure your website is good to go. Google also provides a Mobile Usability Report so you can discover problems with your mobile site. 

The EAT Principle

When creating content for your website, you should always go back to the EAT principle. EAT stands for expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. These three things are what Google is looking for when ranking websites. You want to be sure that you’re creating content that will help Google users with what they’re looking for. 

Creating buyer personas will help you create the content that Google and your visitors are looking for. Better understanding what your target audience values will help you create content that keeps website visitors on your website longer and coming back. Providing helpful and authoritative links in your content is another excellent way to fulfill all the criteria within the EAT principle. 

Include Video

The type of content internet users consume has changed dramatically in recent years. While blog posts used to be the preferred method, more and more users would rather watch a video than read a blog. Because of that, Google has begun to prioritize websites that offer video content on their website. 

Creating optimized video content should be the number one priority for any website manager. An easy way to do this is by optimizing your video channel description by including a user-friendly overview of what your channel does. Video descriptions can be an excellent place to place keywords throughout your content. 

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